Monthly Review of The APIS in July

2 min readAug 3, 2022


July turned out to be a spectacular month for the crypto market as many tokens reported their best performance in the last month. Same for The APIS, many things have been done in July. Let’s give you a quick recap.

🪙Hook Tokenomics Design
Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) × Fungible Token (FT) = Sustainable Tokenomics. In addition to typical FT, we are trying to merge SBTs into Hook’s tokenomics. The potential of SBTs goes far beyond the early phase implementations. You will discover our inspirations and key utilities for the SBTs soon.

🎮Hook Website Optimization
To make Hook’s website more representative of the brand, easier to use, and more capable of creating positive impressions, our developers and website design specialists are conducting an UI/UX optimization. By examining visitor history and behaviors, we have identified action items to fix usability, navigability, and overall site experience.

⏩Looking Ahead
At the same time, several investors reached out to our team. Besides, many negotiations on potential cooperation both in product and token aspects are underway. The APIS team strives to further extend its functionality for both users and project developers.

🏆Achievements in July
July 12: Hook refactoring confirmation
July 16: Hook UI/UX updated draft
July 24: Wallet-scan function algorithm optimization

🏆Thank you for your support!

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The APIS is an indexing protocol for reading and writing to open networks. Making APIs open and accessible to power a decentralized world.




The APIS is an indexing and querying protocol for reading and writing to open networks. Hook by The APIS