Monthly review of The APIS in March

3 min readApr 3, 2022

The month of March was centered around both product and sales. Our user-experience improved significantly for both our consumer and enterprise products. For those unfamiliar, we will support hobby NFT holders through advanced, no-code customization tools–our consumer product–as well as data scientists and dapp developers through low-friction APIs–our enterprise product. Our improved tech stack allowed us to close strategic partners, which we will announce in April. All in all — we’ve got much in the pipeline to look forward to. We are grateful for the contributions of our staff and the support of the holders.

🧪Beta version test

We successfully tested a Beta version of our platform, which allows users to track both generalized and customized NFT valuation and trading data, as well as to program notifications for specific NFT launches or creator activity. We will launch the final BETA version in April. Our goal is to enable our users to fully understand the trends in the NFT market through the API platform.

⌛More precise time frames

In our test Beta Version 0.1 (referenced above), we provided NFT price and trading data over a 24 hour period, providing 24 hour updates on floor price, average trade price, total volume, market cap and sales. Our back-end developers are currently hard at work to enable users to see real-time charts, so that users can have access to 5minute time intervals to get the latest market data. Expect this update in late April.

💸Staking ready to go

After finalization of staking website and mechanism, $API staking will be live soon. When you stake $API, you will get additional $API, which are auto-compounded for users who want their $API tokens to remain staked.

📅Calendar function

We’ve been hard at work to launch this novel NFT feature, and will also have it ready in April. The calendar function is very useful in keeping track of your favorite NFT mints. You’ll be able to create a customized NFT drop calendar, programming how you receive notifications for either specific drops or specific creators. We know how painful it is to miss a drop you cared about. Our goal is that you never miss an NFT drop.

Next steps:

We are continuously developing our product functions, as referenced above, and more features are in the test phase but further from launch (will likely include them in our April update). Several rounds of Airdrop events will be launched in succession as well, as we seek to be a community-owned DAO. Shortly, we will integrate Snapshot and launch the Community Forum. Last but not least, we’ll see you on a cex soon.

Our aim in the coming months is to deliver outcomes, and we are 100% focused on that. We are in the building phase and will soon come with exciting announcements and releases. Stay tuned for more.

🏆Achievement in March:


Mar.8 :Application of trending function

Mar.17:Application of calendar function

Mar.21:Release of the BETA version

🅰️API Token:

Mar.16:$API Uniswap v3 trade

Mar.31: $API staking page

🏆Thank you for your support!

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The APIS is an indexing and querying protocol for reading and writing to open networks. Hook by The APIS