Monthly review of The APIS in May

2 min readJun 1, 2022

What a busy month! Given that financial and human capital have been flowing into the GameFi industry at an unprecedented rate, we have add numerous GameFi features to Hook, in an attempt to eliminate all of the barriers of entry to playing great Web3 games. Our product team is going full steam ahead with new features and improvements planned for Q2.

🔎Rebranding to Hook

The APIS announced the launch of a new logo and name of data analysis product, “Hook”. The nomenclature represents the enthusiasm of the team about building useful tools for NFT users. “Hook” is capable of helping NFT traders catch profitable collections in the wide open sea.

🎨Hook UI updated

Aiming to improve users’ visual and trading experiences, we’ve released a newly updated UI for Hook. The first version will be released in Dark mode. Our bold colors, distinctive design aesthetic, and natural photography style presents a clear statement of the work that we do for global teams every day.

💸Staking UI updated

$API staking will be live soon. The dev team updated the API staking page to better align with the new branding visual identity.

🎮Game launcher function

Technically challenging to set up, complex ROI calculation, and can take time to download. Hook powered by The APIS simplify the whole process by developing the “Game” feature with one-click launch, comment and react to earn.

Look ahead:

In the next month, tested Hook features will go into the launch phase. What’s more, more news about API token will be coming. We’re always busy bees at The APIS, and we’re so excited for what’s yet to come.

🏆Achievement in May:


May.5 : New branding position of dApp “Hook”

May.12: Hook UI updated

May.20: Announcing first dApp powered by The APIS: Hook

May.30: Dev Test

🏆Thank you for your support!

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The APIS is an indexing and querying protocol for reading and writing to open networks. Hook by The APIS