New Dev Team On-board

Hello and a Happy New Year to our Community!

A lot of you must be wondering why our product has been too slow — why has there been little significant progress? As the saying goes, it takes every individual’s effort to make a team successful; unfortunately, some our former team members didn’t put their enough of their efforts into the project, hence the delay.

We are incredibly sorry for any inconvenience faced and have been working night and day to get our project up to pace. We believe our incumbent product launch will reveal these efforts. To get back on pace, we made significant in-house changes, onboarding a completely new development team, one that works day and night to offer the best performance possible.

What Really Happened…

We first had the idea for our project in the summer of 2020, and consquently raised $100k in seed funding to onboard a comptent development team, with the goal of launching our product by the summer of 2021. As we showed progress on the product design, we were able to raise additional funds from people we greatly respect in the Web3 industry, with the goal of scaling the product quickly.

However, we never could meet any deadlines, as our former employees continuously delayed development. In the end, our former development team was working with us on a part time basis, and didn’t provide any directed real work or output. They always had excuses for not delivering the desired objectives, and would move on to other projects without finishing ones we had immediate demand for, saying that the additional projects could help the APIS too. After giving them too many chances, we had to make a significant decision, to move onto a new developmennt team.

But Things Are Better Now!

We believe that every hardship carries lessons, and our past development failure has taught us many about decentralized product creation, the efficient managemnt of a global team, and the Web3 industry as a whole. Consequentlly, we are able to hire a highly competent and hardworking team, optimizing the variables that matter most, who have already restored our project’s work in no time. This team consists of tech experts who have consistently demonstrated professionalism and determination to work on the project, impressing us internally immediately.

We at the APIS have your best interests in mind, but it is natural to have your doubts when you are not getting the expected outcomes. We hope that you will have faith in us this time, as we are all-hands on-deck, have learned from our mistakes, and have significant product launches underway, ones we believe mainstream will excitedly use. Our mission has always been to bring public blockchain technology mainstream. We took a detour, but are back on track.

Who is 0x21 Labs ?

0x21 Labs is the only Blockchain Labs that focuses on incubating NFT + DeFi projects from 0 to 1. Click here to learn more:



The APIs Team

👋 About THE APIS:

The APIS is an indexing protocol for reading and writing to open networks. Making APIs open and accessible to power a decentralized world.

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The APIS is an indexing and querying protocol for reading and writing to open networks. Hook by The APIS

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The APIS is an indexing and querying protocol for reading and writing to open networks. Hook by The APIS

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