The APIS Partners with GSR

2 min readJun 13, 2022

The APIS and GSR are excited to work together to enhance the continued growth of $API in the marketplace.

For over nine years, the GSR team has worked with blockchain projects to provide liquidity to over 130 protocols and integrate with 60 trading venues. GSR’s Smart Order Execution finds unparalleled crypto liquidity and prices across a wide range of market participants and exchanges, and provides trading solutions for a variety of counterparties across 50 countries.

The APIS is a community-owned indexing protocol for reading and writing to public blockchain networks. The protocol’s initial product is a fast and powerful one-stop data analysis for Ethereum and its quickly growing layer-two scaling solutions known as rollups. The APIS’s data analysis platform “Hook” has reinvented the way GameFi and NFT (non-fungible token) data analysis works, with both generalized and customized features that allow users to oversee the entire Ethereum-based NFT market. The key features of Hook include the ability to:

  • GameFi aggregator: Hook offers a quick-start feature for blockchain games, which typically have a more complicated on-boarding process than traditional video games. Users can easily have an overview of the GameFi market and swap tokens to take actions in game to enjoy and earn more..
  • Track Portfolio: By using wallet search, you can track any wallet’s latest mints, buys, and sells in real time and analyze its full portfolio to find the best strategies in every market cycle.
  • Market-View: Users can find the market cap and volume of the entire NFT market and Difi world in this section..
  • More features adding : Bubble map, NFT calendar and so on.

Andrew Bakst, Co-Founder of The APIS noted,

“I’m very impressed with the GSR team and excited to work together to provide liquidity to APIs across marketplaces globally. GSR has an impressive roster of top tier traditional and crypto finance experience, founded almost a decade ago. They are well positioned to help pave the way for both retail and institutional adoption of the cryptocurrency industry and the APIS platform. The APIS believes the future belongs to those who understand the importance of financial inclusion, competitive markets, and public transparency.”

Together, GSR and The APIS will strengthen their joint vision of utilizing public blockchain technology to empower the next generation of consumers and creators.

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The APIS is an indexing protocol for reading and writing to open networks. Making APIs open and accessible to power a decentralized world.

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The APIS is an indexing and querying protocol for reading and writing to open networks. Hook by The APIS